Pagination Widget Text Customization?

Hi – I’m trying to customize the pagination widget through the properties so that, for example, instead of “1 to 2 of 2” it says just “1 of 2.” I tried different things and cannot seem to get this to work. When I add to the “Custom” area under the Properties, that part of the control completely disappears? Is this not possible to do in the widget? Thanks for any tips.
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Open pagination widget configuration. In Appearance tab, set paging style to custom. Then in Custom tab, you can add required pagination items. There are various text placeholders which can be used to change the displayed text along with previous/next buttons. 
{firstItem} {lastItem} {totalItems} {currentPageNumber} {totalPages}

For “1 of 2”, you can use this text with placeholders: {currentPageNumber} of {totalPages}
The default “1 to 2 of 2” would be: {firstItem} to {lastItem} of {totalItems}

You can move these added pagination items (buttons or text) to adjust how they are displayed.
Typically its first button, previous button, text, next button, last button.
When using custom paging, don’t forget to add buttons to move between pages along with your custom text.