Cannot select item in datagrid with Microflow as data source?

Hi,  I’ve set up a datagrid widget with the data being sourced from a microflow. I have an Action button on the grid that I want to run against each selected item in the grid but for some reason the items in the grid are unselectable. The colour changes on hover but doesn’t remain when selected. I don’t think it’s a CSS issue as we have generic styling for all datagrids and I have tried pressing the action to make sure it isn’t actually selected when I click on it. Am I missing something or do datagrids have restrictions when sourcing the data via a microflow? Thanks, Paul
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The microflow that the datagrid uses had a refresh in client = true on it. As it was stored in a pop up it was constantly reloading the popup due to this refresh. On setting Refresh in client = false it fixed the issue.




  1. Are you using the default action button, when you click on item to proceed further. If so just check the settings of datagrid, under general tab.
  2. And the check the microflow access roles as well.

hope this will be helpful!




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