reference set widget

I have to 2 objects, say  Parent  (P) and Child (C). The two object share two relations a many to many relation *:*  P – C a 1 to many relation 1:*  P – C   When I want to a use a reference selector widget in a P data view, I cannot  select the 1:* relationship  to add or remove C records? , it seems… What do I not see right?
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In the model the P to C reference is 1:*, that means that C refers to one P and this will allow to set the reference to P on C but not the other way round. So not on P to C. The reference selector allows the user to select one object and not many objects.

If you want to create a function in which you select a C record from P to remove this from the reference set the association should be from P to C as a *:1 like below.