Listview swipe in horizontal list

Hi!  In our app (mobile hybrid) we have a calendar that has the possibility to swipe to the next week, for which we use the listview swipe widget. This calendar is a list of days that are displayed next to each other:   The problem is that when you want to swipe to the next week, the day that you “grab”, drags along until you release it, after which it hops to the next week:    This does not look very nice, so does anyone know how to fix this?  When I inspect the element, it already has '-webkit-user-drag: none;' applied to it, and I can't think of what else it could be.
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Have a look at the following piece of code in ListViewSwipe.js:
domStyle.set(this.foreElement, { transform: "translate3d(" + position + "px, 0, 0)" });

Transform results in swiping of the this.foreElement (which is in your case the day and daynumber).

You could do 2 things:
- Remove the transform function

- Specify another element instead of this.ForeElement


Let me know if you managed to get it work!



|​​​​I thought there were all clever developers here :)