Pluggable widget attribute value not writable

Hi Mendix community, I am using a custom multi select pluggable widget multiple times in my application and it has been working flawlessly until now. On a new page I created it for some reason fails and I don’t have a clue where the error message comes from: A dataview widget provides a special “wrapper” entity for the pluggable widget. The pluggable widget then sets an attribute of the container to the selected value. On the new page the following error is visible in the browser logs: Widget XYZ is attempting to change the value of attribute "SelectedJson" of entity "ABC" which is not writable. How can this be the case? The entity used as container for the widget’s data is the same as in other parts of the application where this mechanism works.   Thx
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Hi Fabian,

I found the source of the error: I am using a template grid as a parent and apparently the >Editable: No< is inherited. Afaik there is no way to have a template grid editable, right?



we cannot really trace your issue down without knowing your custom widget and the pages you have built. That would just be guessing around.

Given your error message I would look further into debugging the widget and also checking that the write permissions are really as expected (you could put a simple Text Input with the same attribute in the same DataView)

regards, Fabian