Pagination Widget Workaround for List View Datasource = Microflow?

Hi – the pagination widget doesn’t work if the list view data source is microflow. Any workaround to this? Can I simulate what the pagination widget does by adding buttons on the listview? Not sure how … Any tips greatly appreciated! Did search and didn’t see any leads yet
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You can check this widget

It provides pagination buttons for listview with microflow data source


You could use an input parameter with a paging setting (enum for instance) to your microflow and retrieve a limited amount of data in your microflow datasource 

The input parameter should be an attribute in a non persistable entity and be used in a dataview around the listview. Add a on change event to the dropdown connected to the enum containing the paging options, and refresh the entity surrounding the listview so it will refresh the listview datasource. 

If you need to retrieve the next dataset using a button, you should retrieve a subset with an offset using the amount configured.. GL