Strange behaviour of the AnyChart widget

Hi, guys! I have a very strange behavior, when I’m using the AnyChart widget. Here’s my configuration and what it happens: - I use a non-persistent entity to pass the data and layout strings to AnyChart. - The layout string is interpreted correctly by AnyChart and works in all cases. HOWEVER, the data string is causing AnyChat to fail internally (continuously loading the widget, no console log in browser or Mendix Studio Pro). After debugging, I’ve found out that the data string is correctly formatted. When I copy the data string and add it statically to the non-persistant entity, AnyChart renders the graph correctly. In both cases with dynamic or static data string, the content is 100% identically. My local environment is also not the issue: I’ve tested also on another machine. Do you have any clue, why this occurs / do you know any workaround for this Mendix strange behaviour? Here is the Data String: [{ "connectgaps": true, "hoverinfo": "none", "hoveron": "points", "line": { "color": "rgba(5, 149, 219, 1)", "shape": "linear" }, "mode": "lines+markers", "name": "DEF", "type": "scatter", "fill": "none", "marker": {}, "x": ["X"], "y": [0.09000000]}, { "connectgaps": true, "hoverinfo": "none", "hoveron": "points", "line": { "color": "#228B22", "shape": "linear", "dash": "dashdot" }, "mode": "lines+markers", "name": "ABC", "type": "scatter", "fill": "none", "marker": {}, "x": ["A", "B"], "y": [0.09000000, 0.18000000]}] And here is the Layout string: { "font": { "family": "Open Sans", "size": 14, "color": "#555" }, "autosize": true, "hovermode": "closest", "hoverlabel": { "bgcolor": "#888", "bordercolor": "#888", "font": { "color": "#FFF" } }, "margin": { "l": 60, "r": 60, "b": 60, "t": 35, "pad": 10 }, "xaxis": { "zeroline": true, "fixedrange": true, "gridcolor": "#d7d7d7", "zerolinecolor": "#d7d7d7", "rangeslider": { "visible": false }, "showgrid": false, "title": "sdsdasd" }, "yaxis": { "fixedrange": true, "gridcolor": "#d7d7d7", "zeroline": true, "zerolinecolor": "#d7d7d7", "rangemode": "tozero", "title": "nsdsd", "showgrid": true }, "showlegend": true, "legend": { "orientation": "h", "x": "0.25", "y": "-0.7" }, "shapes": [ { "type": "line", "x0": "A", "y0": 8, "x1": "25 Jan 2020", "y1": 8, "line": { "color": "B", "width": 2.5, "dash": "dashdot" } }, { "type": "line", "x0": "A", "y0": 20, "x1": "B", "y1": 20, "line": { "color": "#f56a14", "width": 2.5, "dash": "dashdot" } } ]}  
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Ok. I figure it out. It seems to be a bug in Mendix.
I have an Object that is an input parameter of the AnyChart’s Entity generating Microflow described above.

If I retrieve this Object via a Widget Listener (e.g. a list), then the strange behavior occurs.
If I retrieve this object via Association over a helper entity, then it works, and the chart gets displayed.

Again the strings are identically in both cases.