Hello,   I'm testing the StyleSheetSwitcher. I have a main.css but I want to switch to another css when I press a button. I have another css in ..\theme\styles\web\css\switch.css now, I don't know which folder I have to put in the properties of the styleswitcher. it says "File not found for file: /theme/styles/web/css/switch.css. Does anyone know how to configure this widget correct?   Kind regards, Steven Keersmaekers
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We have this working. Our custom.css is located in theme/styles/css/custom directory.

Now in the property of the styleSheetSwitcher we have

Folder /styles/css/custom/

Default css custom.css

Remove default css Yes

Microflow (we retrieve the name of the custom style sheet of that customer so pick your own microflow)

Reload mxui.css No reload


Hope this helps,