Bar Chart Widget

Hi, I am using barChart widget to plot graph. I got the result as expected but I am facing issue that I can not able to see my ‘Y’-axis name properly. Below is the screenshot of my widget: Also the screenshot of ‘Chart Properties’ : Screenshot of output generated graph: My ‘Y’-axis names are: ABCD-EFGH-IJK 12/23/PPP But I can’t able to see properly.
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In advanced tab, layout options you can specify Plotly layout options there. See this reference of Plotly for complete layout options. In your case, I think you need a margin from left side so there is more space to completely display the name. 
I was able to do so in a line chart. See the available options and try out ones which work for you. Hope it helps.

You can specify layout options like this:

  "margin": {
    "l": 50,
    "b": 50,
    "t": 0