Download file: how to download a file from a pre-defined from-location to a user-inputted/specified to-location

Hi all, I have a question on downloading files with the following requirements: the from-location is pre-defined by table-set-up, so no user-selection on a from-selection is permitted the to-location must be inputted/specified by the user, so user-selection of the to-location is required based on a user action on a page, the app must retrieve the file from the from-location the user then manually triggers the download to the inputted (or last used) to-location   The standard FileManager doesn’t cater for these requirements: you can select the from-location and, of course, the file (which I do not want), but you can’t indicate to which to-location the file must be downloaded (which is what I want). The client-action DownloadFile can also not be used, as is doesn’t allow a user-inputted to-location. Is there a way, preferrably without any Java-actions or Java-scripts required, to accomplish this? Note: the download-logic must be implemented in an existing app in Mendix version 7.23.11 or otherwise in a new app in 8.5.   Regards, Rene  
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It’s not possible for a web application to force where a downloaded file should be saved.

regards, Fabian