Chart data from REST endpoint

Hi, as described in the corresponding Charts How-Tos ( it is possible to have a REST call as data source for a chart. I’ve tried to have REST as data source in a chart and to load a JSON structure from a mock server running on localhost:4750. Mendix fails to make a successful request to this server although I can call it properly using a microflow. Can I even use it with ‘external’ servers or is it only possible to call Mendix internal REST endpoints as described in the How-To? If it’s the latter, what is the advantage of populating another REST endpoint over just having a microflow?   The local mock server usually responds with: [ { "_time": "2020-01-01T14:44:23.000Z", "pressure": 32.4, "temperature": 13 }, { "_time": "2020-01-01T16:42:11.000Z", "pressure": 47.11, "temperature": 22 }, { "_time": "2020-01-02T10:21:45.000Z", "pressure": 42.24, "temperature": 17 } ]   The corresponding Entity is There also is an import mapping, though this is never referred to in the chart configuration. The browser encounters the following HTTP GET problem However, when opening the very same URL in a separate browser tab the request is successful.
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It’s possibly caused by your browser making a cross-origin request via javascript, which is normally forbidden in modern browsers. This would explain why it isn’t working where you want but is working in a microflow or opening the link in a new tab, as in a new tab it’s no longer cross-origin just the main origin.

You can check if this is the cause by looking at your browser’s console for an error message as described in these links: