Passing an entity to a pluggable widget

Hey, I’m creating a pluggable react widget and was looking for a way to pass it an entity. I found an answer which suggested to add something along the lines of – <property key="dataAssociation" type="entity" required="true" isPath="yes" pathType="reference" allowNonPersistableEntities="true"> <caption>Entity Type</caption> <category>Search</category> <description> </description> </property> However, I keep getting an errors when synchronizing the project directory –  Error in property 'dataAssociation': category cannot be used when using property groups. Error in property 'dataAssociation': Entity/EntityConstraint properties are not supported by pluggable widgets (pluginWidget="true"). Error in property 'dataAssociation': IsPath/PathType attributes are not supported by pluggable widgets (pluginWidget="true").   I couldn’t find another way to pass an entity for a pluggable widget in documentation. Is there a detailed manual on how to do this kind of thing? what am I missing? TNX
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Couple of pointer links may be useful
1]to pass object to pluggable widget:
2]to pass attribute of entity to pluggable widget: