Enabeling Camera app for Hybrid phonegap version

Hi everybody, I'm currently struggling with the issue that uploading images using the normale photo uploader tool, causes problems regarding performance if the wifi isn't that good. (sorry, no mendix 8). One of the hints I got was the use of the camera widget of Mendix specifically targeted at hybrid phonegap. Somehow I'm not able to make this work. It does provide the option to create the picture, it looks like it is there because it shows a thumbnail, but when you save, the photo is not stored in the entity which contains all the photos of the app (inherits from system.image). (doing the same process with the normal uploader, all works as designed).  Does someone have an idea what the problem could be? Incorrect dataview regarding the entity? Should it be the system.filedocument entity? When it should, how can I convert the filedocument entity to a system image? Hope you can help. Kind regards and all the best Laurens  
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I checked our own mobile pages and we just use an inheritence of filedocument. When you press the upload button on my IOS device I get the question to either use my camera to take a picture or select a photo from my camera roll.

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Thanks again Ronald for you input!