Progress Bar when Searching a Data Grid?

I want to have a progress bar to show the user results are currently being processed after clicking the search button in a data grid. Currently, the user hits enter or clicks search and waits for results with no indication that a search is in progress.   The data grid nor the search action button are customizable to enable such a progress bar.    How can I make this happen?
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You might consider the Grid Search package in the App Store. Demo here. It offers a set of widgets that search on a grid or list, and automatically shows a progress bar if the search runs for more than 250ms.



There are two solutions for this. 

one is when you call an API through a Microflow:

You can set up the progress bar(with or without message) by selecting the Microflow setting option as shown in the picture when you call a microflow.

Second is you can choose the GIF image and based on some boolean value, while loading the results you can show the image until you get the results.