How to set up multi level organization

Hi, all. Recently I tried to set up a enterprise organization architecture. For example, we will have a platform administrator, granted with all privileges. Then we have many 1st level companies, like tenants. then we have many 2nd level companies belonged to the 1st level companies, like a tree with children nodes, and maybe 3rd level , and then departments too. Then the last level will be users, belong to defferent companies, or departments. I think maybe I will need both multitenantcy widget and tree widget too. ?  Is there any widget that can do this, any good ideas for this?? any talk is appreciated. Thanks. Regards. Andes
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Sounds more like the core setup of your apps security, user roles and entity access than a requirement for a widget.

Read more about user roles, module roles and access here: 

as well as this blogpost:

Multi tenant is documented here:

in the App store you can find a Multi tenant administration module in case you need it:

(the module is currently on version 7.22.2, you will need to add it to an app of version 7.23.x, export it from there and import your export to the version 8.5 you are using)