How to display a list as a carousel?

Hi, I created a dynamic list and used SASS (flex styles) to align items in a row.   The question is, how can I implement the following: I have to see only 3 items on the page, and scroll the list using arrow buttons on the left and right from the list. So I need a carousel but instead of images, there should be dynamic list items. How can I implement it? Thank you very much in advance!
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Hi there,

To implement a carousel, you can best grab an existing widget from the Mendix store.

When there is no widget available for your situation, you’ll move to custom JavaScript implementation from the internet. For instance:

Each JavaScript carousel has its own documentation for implementation. Globally it will involve loading the library inside your project (for easy use, inside index.html). Then activating it where you need it inside Mendix and using the Mendix generated classes for the dynamic list to be used with the carousel.

So .mx-listview is “carousel container” and .mx-listview-item would be “carousel item”.