Bootstrap tooltip not working when navigating to detail and back to list

Hi,   I'm having issues getting the bootstrap to work properly. We have a list with filters. On the rows of this list, there are potentially 5 images shown at the end. 3 of them need a tooltip. It can happen that we wont show any of those 3 on a row. Now this is where it goes wrong. You can click a row, and it will go to a detail-page. But, when we close the detail page (we need to close the page to keep the filters the user chose before, we cant navigate back to the page) Bootstrap tooltip will generate an error, which will result in the page not loading at all(endless loading bar). This only happens when the first row on the list doesn’t have any of the 3 earlier mentioned images(and therefore the class is not present) visible. Bootstrap sais "Did you configure Bootstrap Tooltip widget correctly? Couldn't find an element with class 'test-class' on same level as widget ”. When the first row on the list has one of those 3 images the page will load as normal, without warnings. Is there a way around this? We dont want tooltips on the other 2 images and we want the page to keep the filter options so the user doesnt have to re-enter them. Any help will be appreciated.    
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I've actually solved my issue. So for future reference if anyone runs into this: Added the class to all images. This will remove the error when closing the detail-page. The Bootstrap Tooltip will show a standard message when no tooltip has been added to the image. Removing this line of text from the javascript file BootstrapTooltip.js will result in the tooltip not getting shown.