Text caption does not get updated and holds the old value in Mendix Studio Pro 8.6.0

I have come across a very weird behavior with a standard text widget in Mendix Studio Pro 8.6.0.  Steps to reproduce:  I have created a new page and pasted into this page elements from other pages using copy/paste. These Elements include containers and layout grids or other text widgets. If I want to change the description of the text I double-click into the dialog and change the property “caption” and type a new text. So far so good. I can preview this in the design mode, and I see the change properly. Still good. After that I decide to compile the stuff and preview it in locally. And now it gets weird. The old value that was in the widget before stays there and I cannot get it updated not even by Ctrl+f5. It must be obviously some caching issue because what helped was to delete the element and place there a new text widget with the right (same) properties.  I noticed that after I have restarted the workstation completely problem was resolved. But I have seen this several times, so I wonder if you have similar experience with this and do you have some recommendation how to prevent this?         
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Not experienced your described behavior.

Though 8.6 is kinda slow. Response on made changes are slow and sometime the error checks aren’t updated with changes. Guess your issue is related to this.