Pluggable widget constructor called 2nd time

Hi, I am working on a pluggable widget wich uses a non-persistent object from context as a page parameter. The widget gets some attributes passed by the object as props. The issue is that, the first time the widget gets opened by a user, it renders, and then on the first client action(button click) the  gets called again, and the widget gets rerendered fully again.   Once that 2 time the constructor is called, it doesn’t happen again. Even after navigating away from the page, and going back, all works fine from the first click.   I don’t think the problem is in my constructor itself since it is only taking the props and declaring the initial state   constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { viewModel: undefined, resources: [], tasks: [], headerItem: undefined, left: 0, top: 0, height: 0, resourcesLoading: false, resourceLoaded: false, tasksLoading: false, tasksLoaded: false, }; } My data gets loaded by async functions in componentDidMount() Anyone has an idea what might cause this behaviour, or what might solve it? Thanks
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