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Now I want to control the data filtering of the grid through the nodes of the tree. As shown in the figure below, you want to filter the users under the organization However, I have tried a variety of configuration methods, which are not successful. I hope someone can give me some advice on configuratio
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Can you please make the question a little bit more specific? It seems to me that you have a Tree view on the left and by clicking on it you change the context of a dataview on the right? I have done something like that with my Tree View widget.

See and example here: https://treeview-react-sandbox.mxapps.io/p/parentchild-full

If you want to know how that is accomplished in terms of application logic, you can download the test-project here: https://github.com/JelteMX/widget-test-projects#tree-view (direct link here) and look up this page in the project. That should give you an idea how to accomplish that