Why my filemanager looks like read only?

Hi there,  I’m new to Mendix. It must be my configure error, but I can’t find any example how to configure filemanager. My request is to upload an email as attachment in an order. Order entity is in a data view, then in the data view I draged in another data view of file entity, so that end user can upload the file directly on order page. but the filemanager place shows read only. attached my model and page design and the preview. Appreciate your help, thank you!
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Hi Changfeng,

Are you sure the object CustomerApproval is not empty? I see you retrieve it over association on the page, but did you already create it before? Otherwise, you have to make sure that the object exists: e.g. create it when opening the page (if it does not yet exist) or use a microflow as datasource where you retrieve the object over association and if it does not exist, create it.

If you are sure the object exists, you can check access rights

Hope this helps!


Hello Changfeng,

What Johan is telling you is that when creating a new order you should not use the standard new button but use a microflow where you not only create the new order but also the attached other entities (customer approval, myimage etc.) and attach those already to the neworder. This way you have made sure that all those entities are already there and connected to the right object. And if you show those entities in the page the user can interact with them.

Hope this helps,