Cant see the custom widget just created

Hi, I’ve created the custom widget shift calendar following what explained into the "Writing Your Own Widget.xml file” section of the “Extending your UI” module of the crash course. it seems that the shiftcalendar widget has been created and indeed I can find the .mpk file into dist folder, but the synchronization (with F4) does not produce any results and I can’t find this widget within the Add-on widgets in the toolbox.
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This is probably due to an error in your ShiftCalendar.xml file.

I deleted the contents of my manually created xml file with the xml from the Crash Course (at the end of the “Extending your UI” lecture).

Then during refresh I got an error message about an invalid “name” attribute.
To solve that error, I opened the xml file, and changed line 40 from <attributeType name="string"/> to

                <attributeType name="String"/>

Then I rebuilt the widget, copied it into the widgets directory, and after a refresh it showed up