There is no option to send email.

I was added Email template template module but there is no option to send email ,  available option are : Email template , email ( but not contain send email option) , configuration , and administrative task  in email template New option is there and if we click on new button then it shows windows where we can type all the details like template name , from , to , cc , bcc , plain text , html text  but when we fill all details and click on save button then email is not send but save template.  test email is working fine , got test email successfully on my mail id.
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You are using this one I presume, (so not the one from Conclusion)


To send an email you will have to use the microflow Send_EmailMessage, providing it with values for the parameters it has. For an example see Sub_SendSimpleEmail, copy paste that one to your own module and create your version of it. Connect your version to a button for users to press or to a scheduled event or use any other trigger for it.