How to send predefined email onclick of send email button

I developed EmailTemplate , Encryption and MxModule Reflection and Test email is working fine but I want to send predefined mail to entered email. These is my email page and there is no any option to send mail.   When I click on new button then there is option to enter mail id and all things but no any send button      These is button where I want to implement email functionality.
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Do you want to send a predefined email by just clicking on a send-button?

→ What you have to do is the following:

  1. Setup security.
  2. Setup the mail configuration (ports etc.). 
  3. Setup the email template
    1. give the template a unique name.
    2. Set the “from address”, “from  display name” and “subject”
    3. If you want to use placeholders you need to refresh the correct modules in the Mx model Reflection overview page.
    4. Setup the body of the mail.
  4. Create a microflow (e.g. SendNewMail) and do the following:
    1. retrieve the EmailTemplate (Xpath = templatename)
    2. Duplicate the “Sub_CreateAndQueuedEmail” from the EmailTemplate module and set a the return value to Email. If you used tokens in the body of the mail, make sure that you pass the correct parameters to this microflow and create new inputParameters in this microflow.
    3. In the “SendNewMail microflow” Call the duplicated microflow. 
    4. Finaly call the IVK_SendEmail microflow from the EmailTemplate module and pass the return value from the duplicated “Sub_CreateAndQueuedEmail” microflow.
  5. Create a button on a page that calls the SendNewMail microflow and done!