group and stack column chart

Hi, with the column chart I want to group and stack series together. It doesn’t look like that this is possible with the Mendix charts widget ( Or am I missing something? E.g.: I have 8 topics on my x-axis. I want two stacked bars for each topic. Meaning that it has to be grouped and stacked as well.  
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Since this question was originally asked almost 4 years ago, the answer was not as easy as it is now, however, the latest version of the Chart widget in Mendix 10.6 has a 'stacked' option. A similar option exists for the column version of the chart, which will be called Column format.




Since the underlying library had support for this 4 years ago as well, it would likely have sufficed to add the appropriate settings in the Advanced tab, something I suspect the author of this question did in the end.


Koen van Aken, next time you can also post your own question, which would allow for more discussion.