User Input validation - only existing values

Good Morning,   I want to use a text box instead of a reference selector – the user is supposed to type in the value of the Ordernumber and the Ordernumber is supposed to be validated if already existing or not. The problem with reference selector is that we simply get to much data displayed in the dropdown.   Does someone have a better solution for validation if the user input ordernumber already exists?   Best regards, Adam
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If your problem is that the drop-down has too many options you can use the reference selector with a ‘page’ selector, this way you will allow the user to search in an pop-up page: see 2.7.1  ‘select using’

Otherwise there are a couple of more options:

  1. Use an auto complete or input reference selector from the appstore: &
  2. Use the search input widget:
  3. Create your own search functionality with an helper entity and string search attribute.


Hope this helps