TemplateGrid, onClick action, and Star Rating widget incompatibility

Hey everybody Here is my problem : - I have a TemplateGrid in my app (ListView would not allow me to use “greater than” filters, obviously) - I’d like to allow the users to click on each result in the TemplateGrid, and show “details” page ; so I wrapped each result in a container, and set a “on click“ action - I need to display a “Star” widget in the TemplateGrid → I have the following error : “The following widgets are not allowed to be used in a container with a click action : star rating” any solution ?
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Hi Francois,

There is a 'List View Controls’ widget in the app store that allows (among other functionality) more search options for List Views, but indeed no 'Greater than’ filter. You could do a custom variation, but if a template grid is an option that definitely do that way.

If you put the ‘show details page’ button as default action on the template grid with 'so selection’ and 'single click’ (or just add a button to the item that takes you there), adding a Star widget is no problem.

Good luck!


Hi Wieke ! it works perfectly fine, thank you !

just a remark : mouse cursor is not indicating anymore that the row is clickable

anyway it’s fine like this, thank you !