Human Temperature Infrared Camera Widget (FLIR Type Camera)

Good morning,  First and foremost, l hope everyone out there in Mendix land is as safe as possible during this time.  A quick bit of background about us. We’re CasinoSoft and we utilize the Mendix platform to build and deploy a casino / hotel specific compliance package to casino’s nationwide. Today we use webcams and cctv feeds regularly when needed to document player behavior for required regulatory purposes.  During this shutdown, I’ve been thinking about ways of when public facing business’ like casinos / shops / hotels / bars / cafes etc do reopen, the general health of their visitors will be of utmost concern to the operators as they attempt to inspire the public’s confidence that it’s safe to go out again. While I know it’s not ideal for the way covid19 presents (sometimes both fever free and/or asymtomatic), I’ve been trying to find a java widget that utilizes a FLIR type IR camera for potential fever detection among visitors. Anyone seen anything such as this? I know on the pac rim, post covid lockdown many companies are trying to use this type of tech to try and reduce the sick population from the general population in their enterprises. A java widget functioning in a mendix app would simply provide the operation a notification of a potential fever, from there, the customer in question could be approached and taken from there.  Let me know and Thanks, Matt
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Somebody has already made something:

Mendix already has some connectors for computer vision and AI.





Hi there Ronald, 

Are the available mendix connectors in the app store? I’ll check them out.