List view swipe widget

Hi all, In our hybrid mobile phone app we encountered an issue with the listview swipe widget.  We use the widget on a page with a schedule, where you swipe to go the next week. The microflow that's triggered by the widget's swipe then shows the page again with the new data. The items on this page can be opened, showing the details of the schedule item. When the page first opens, everything is fine: I can click on the schedule item, and its detail page opens right away. However, after swiping to the next week, I have to click an item twice (or click anywhere on the page before clicking an item, that doesn't matter) to open its detail page. It's as if after swiping, I have to 'select’ the content of the page first before I can trigger any actions (when adding a breakpoint, the flow isn't triggered at all on the first click). The problem only occurs with the first click after swiping/using the listview swipe widget. When I trigger the microflow that's used by the widget by using a button instead, I can open the item right away without having to click anywhere first.    So, does anyone know how we can make sure that we don't have to click somewhere on the page first after swiping? :-)
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so the swipe listview doesnt seem to always work nice with click event on container.

we added this work around where buttons become 100% width and hieght and opactiy 0.

(add class to main container/card)


  position: relative;{ 
    width: 100%; 
    height: 100%; 
    top: 0; 
    left: 0; 
    opacity: 0;