Users Dashboard settings

I am new with Mendix and trying to set users dashboard for our app, using the ready-made template, which has a list view, but for the page that will be opened with the ‘Details’ button, how can I set it to show each specific user’s information? Sorry in advance for the basic question of course    
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Hi Maryam.

I’d recommend to follow this learning path: Create an App with Advanced Page Building. In one hour you will learn how to do this and understand the basics. Of course if you have gone through the Rapid Developer course and are familiar with Mendix Studio Pro. 

In your example you can use Account_Overview page and Account_Edit page to show the Details. You can find both in the Administration module. Or you can create a new entity named User, use it as generalization of Account(Administration module) entity and then create your own Users overview + User_NewEdit pages.

Good luck!