Carousel, Lightbox and other configuration problems

Hey guys ! I’m stuck on this : my purpose is to display a small images carousel, and the user click on it, then display the carousel (with the same images). in lightbox fashion (full screen, I mean). Note that the images I want to display may have different dimensions. I face lots of issues, but maybe I’m not doing the configuration properly : - if I use the Carousel widget for main Carousel, here are the issues : the size of the carousel is changing for each image ; I saw someone had the same issue, but I can’t figure out where to change the css config in my version (8.8.0) when the clicks on the carousel, I can’t find any other option than display a normal popup (not a Lightbox-style one), so no fullscreen, no animation, and still same images size problem - if I use the Lightbox widget, the result is really ugly: I can’t set the “image constraint” xpath properly : no referense to enclosing parent object is permitted, so all the images are displayed ; no reference to “$myParentObject” or “$dataview1” are allowed in the editor window, Mendix Studio says “Error in xpath constraint”  anyway, let’s say i’d find a way to fix the xpath issue, when several images are founds, they’re displayed as a bullet points list, as someone already reported.    Any suggestion ? Thx !
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