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Hello All, I have a situation where currently I am using the Mendix DatePicker widget for date only. We have been asked to include the time in here. It works well but although you can select a date using the button you still have to manually enter the time.  To that end I installed the Mendix DateAndTimePicker widget however unlike the DatePicker widget it does not store the entry until clicking the ‘next’ button so when progressing through the rest of the questions that require page refresh to display different information depending on response the date and time field is blank.  if you then complete all the fields and click ‘next’ it will tell you put in the date again as it is empty. I have tried on change action to commit the attribute once the date and time are entered but the refresh still removes it. I have also tried to use the DateTimePicker and the original DatePicker with OC action to commit but still does not work.  I was able to create a popup page where the DateTimePicker is used and could be saved returning back to the original page where I used an non-editable DatePicker to display the date and time within the now populated attribute and this works. I am using responsive so having a popup on a mobile is not ideal. Can anybody help?
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There is a demo page for some datetime-widget: click AppStore Apps → Compare Dateselectors