Can we directly communicate between a UBP OR UCP and a Drive like the G120 or S210 product?

With NO PLC between the two pieces of hardware. I get mixed feedback and I can't test this as I don't have hardware. Documentation of this being supported or not would be appreciated.
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Hi. These links in SIOS (Siemens Online Industry Support) should hopefully help:


To answer your question, yes it is possible. Recently Siemen's App Engineers confirmed this operation using a few different hardware combinations. 

  1. S7-300 Protocol on a UCP + G120CU240E-2PN with TIA Portal V18 & V19
  2. S7-300 Protocol on a UBP + G120 Drive with TIA Portal V18

You have to make sure to configure the Drive to not worry about communication's cyclic updates and to not fault on that alarm.