Seeking Advice on Time Synchronization

Hello dear HMI friends, do you have an idea?   I have three Windows PCs.   One is Unified Server and the other two are Unified Clients. Version is Unified V19.   How to synchronize the time of the three PCs?   An S7-1500 is also in the machine. Can the PLC-time also be synchronized with the PCs?   Are there options for time synchronization?
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Hello. You do have a few options for Time Sync for your devices on the same/accessible network.


Case#1 - One way of accomplishing what you are asking for is to set each Hardware's NTP server to the same source (eg.

  1. Follow this Application Example to configure each PC's NTP server to the same source. 
  2. Set your PLC's NTP client configurationimage.png
    1. ***Some things to take in to consideration to successfully implement this: 
      1. CPU and Router need to be in the same IP subnet
      2. CPU must be parameterized with a DNS server and a router
      3. On the router, the NTP traffic of the SMIATIC S7 station must be allowed to pass the firewall.

Another way is to use one of the hardware as a NTP Server to the remainder of the devices (aka NTP Clients). To accomplish this you can follow these steps: