Seeking Workaround for ITC V3 Panel Login Screen Issue with WinCC Unified PC V18 Up1 SR2

Hello All,   I am testing on an ITC V3 panel with WinCC Unified PC V18 Up1 SR2. This is a simple test, I just need to display the runtime on the ITC with it directly connected to an IPC127E that is hosting the runtime. With this configuration I am able to connect to the WinCC WebServer, though when click WinCC RT to launch the application it fails to load the login screen. I get the message "The url https://DESKTOP-ORVPKI3/umc-sso//swaclogin is unavailable." This url does contain the PC name even though I called the server with the IP address( This is not an issue if I use a Windows PC to call it, but I get the same message if I call it from my Samsung S21. Has anyone found a workaround for this? I do have an SR in for this issue already.
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