UCP Parameter Control functionality vs Comfort Panel Recipe control

I have a few Items I need clarification on. 1. In the “Parameter Set Control” object, , previously saved parameter sets which are to be downloaded are only able to be searched for via a drop down search window. That drop down is sorted by chronological order of which the parameter sets were created, which makes it nearly impossible for an operator to FIND the parameter set which they would like to recall. The operator parameter sets are named by the order number of the order which they are running. Is there a plan to have the list to be sorted in alpha-numerical order? 2. If #1 is 'No' can it be searchable maybe intel i type fill in? 3. Default Parameter Set. In the Comfort panels, we could create Recipes AND associated Data Records for them in the WinCC engineering software, and then download them to the HMI. I am unclear where the instructions are for this but guidance to a manual here would be helpful.
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