How to create a Uniform/Custom styles appearance for all graphical objects across the Project?

I have a customer who is trying to create a corporate standard.  Because we do not have a (custom) Styles feature yet, he's looking to find a way to do it himself, so to ensure uniform look across projects.   My idea was to use master copies of all the objects configured as desired, but it turns out master copies can't be used inside Faceplates, apparently. Is there a reason, or is this just a feature buried at the bottom of the queue? The customer's idea was to create each item as a faceplate (literally, a faceplate with just one IO field/button/etc in it) to be nested inside other faceplates, but handling multiple data types for an IO field isn't working as expected.   Any other ideas on how we can tackle this?
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The Corporate designer has been released for this exact purpose.

See more details and download from the link below.

Corporate Designer V19