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Customer wants a "target trend" inside the normal plotting. But, also sometime change some values in the "target trend": Can this be done with standard tooling? Blue = Target Yellow = actual production
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Hello everyone


Here's a WinCC Unified project that was created by a colleague with version 17 Upd2. It is a proof of concept created for a client.


The aim was to display and edit a setpoint curve for both the Unified Comfort Panel as well as for PC-RT System. The setpoint curve should be quadratically interpolated in the area between the ordinate and the first vertex. The remaining areas are interpolated linearly.


In addition to editing individual setpoints, the entire curve should be able to be moved in the direction of the x-axis. In addition, it was important to the customer to change the gradients of all setpoints on left-hand or right-hand side of a selected setpoint evenly.


It was also desired to record the actual value history via a recorder function.


To implement the solution, the Function Trend Control is used. Since the supply of the control with values from the Data Logging Tags on the Unified Comfort Panel with V17 Upd2 is error prone, the control is filled with the help of HMITags.


In addition, there is no way to delete the values of individual curves today, so they  have to be removed by reloading the control via a screen change.


Since the setpoint values are mapped over two arrays, it was not possible to implement the limit value monitoring and display at the io-field via the intended standard. Here too an alternative application solution had to be implemented.


Improvements for the Function Trend Control have been announced. It would be helpful if the control would support the rewiring of the curve variables and the deletion of all value pairs of a curve in the future. Furthermore, it would be nice if, in addition to today's possibilities, the control could also be supplied with a complete array of value couples from a script, as with WinCC Professional.


Setpoint Profile Editor