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0..Nth parallel WorkflowUserTasks


Workflow is great!


But wouldn't it be greater if we could assign 0 to the nth WorkflowUserTasks based upon a positive integer? We could return the integer from a WSF_Microflow. Or better yet, let's return a list of objects, and start a usertask for each object. Plus, the merge thereafter – should it be based upon a condition?


Imagine a B2C app where there is a workflow in which an admin sets out a survey task that is assigned to 200k users; the workflow will continue after 50k users have completed the task, at which point the remaining 150k users will no longer be able to execute the earlier assigned task.


Imagine a business internal app. A secretary selects departments to take action based upon an incoming legal email. For each selected department, a workflowusertask is assigned to someone responsible for the department. Sometimes this would be 2 departments, sometimes none, sometimes 99 ;-). The dynamic aspect is key here.


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Wouter Penris 

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