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Display full timeline and add a Watch List


Mendix should enhance the workflow timeline. Currently the timeline can only display the activities inside the workflow itself rather than displaying all the previous activities(called subworkflows) or future activities. The timeline should be showing the complete workflow activities including the subworkflows inside it. Activities can be extended and close by clicking the name of the subworkflows. Auto allowing/ allow user to assign who can view/watch the workflow even tho the user is not an actor in the workflow. 

Besides, Mendix should introduce a new feature call ‘Watch List’ in the workflow system. The idea is when a user has completed their task, user can track the task progress in the watch list to keep up the current progress of the task until it is finished.

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Hi WaiPing Lim

                           The concept of multi level approval using workflow is just a skeleton mechanism to showup the complete functionality. the user task progress and history can be done within the microflows and xpath to showup in any of the data container. so makingup those again as a feature in workflow is not necessary. and auto allowing the current  access granted user to assign the task in a microflow itself. I hope this look useful , if you want how to impletement using dynamic workflow i can share you the app.