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Workflow Jump to current activity


It would be great to have the option to configure the jump activity to jump to the current activity. Specifically, to set WorkFlowCurrentActivity_JumpToTarget to WorkflowCurrentActivity_ActivityDetails Currently this is prohibited because the current activity is not included in WorkflowCurrentctivity_ApplicableTargets. Jumping to current activity would be great for setting retry flows for webservice calls in workflows or for other error flows. 

What I want to do is when an error occurs or when a condition is not (Yet) satisfied, let the workflow jump back to the current activity, pause the workflow and let a scheduled event unpause the workflow every given interval.

Furthermore I want to use this to re-evaluate targeted users when a new user is onboarded in the app, so they get access to existing user tasks

The idea creates more options to neatly model unhappy flows, but keep the workflow tidy and consice

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