Workflows : use of a subprocess

Hello, I am currently playing with the workflow functionalities in Mendix 9.0.5.  What I want to achieve is a coordination of steps ( around 100 steps). For that I thought using a microflow ‘Create Step’ that : - is called from my main workflow with a different parameter, allowing to identify the step - calls another workflow containing the user task So this microflow will be used all along my main workflow and be called 100 times.  The issue I have here is that all the steps are created and the microflow doesn’t wait for the user task completion to be completed itself.  If I sequentially call 4 times my microflow , 4 user tasks will be created. What I want to achieve is create the first user task, wait the user to complete it, then continue.        Is there anything I missed there ?   Many thanks for your help, Virginie  
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Hi Virginie,

Could you explain the process a bit more from a business perspective? With more business context it would be easier for us to help with alternative process definitions. E.g. Have each step in Request Workflow defined as a User Task and start the Request Workflow 100x.