Task Inbox possibilities

I’m evaluating the capabilities of the Workflow component to see where the possibilities are but more important to know where the limitations are.  One thing that I can’t figure out is how to limit the open tasks for a user to only tasks that he can actually ‘claim’, I thought I might need to include the TargetUsers reference, but that table is empty. When I look at the WorkflowCommons DataGrids I also see the TargetUsers table empty.  Is it a bug that the TargetUsers table is not filled? Or should I enable something else to make sure this is filled. But if this table is the link, what happens then when a new user is added with a certain role? Can he claim those tasks? Is there any more information on how this user assignement works and what the reasoning is how it should work?
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Hi Phillip, thanks for asking your question! The TargetUsers associated with your WorkflowUserTask should not be empty indeed, but rather than a bug it is likely that the user task is not configured correctly. Please read through the how-to that has an example on how to link specific users to certain tasks here. I’m guessing that there’s an issue with your User Assignment property on the user task in your workflow.

If that doesn’t help you, please share a screenshot of the properties of your user task so I can help your further.