WorkflowUserTask does not show/store Target Users

Fellow mendix enthusiasts. While figuring out the new workflow features I encountered the following. When using a datasource microflow to assign (target) users to a user task I would expect that the returned user list would automatically be associated to my task. Nevertheless I don't see any target user appearing in the task while during debugging I can definetely see that the returned list is not empty. And subsequently I am not able to assign a user (assuming this would be one of the list of target users). Allthough I would expect that the association would be set automatically, I have also tried committing the user list as the WorkflowUserTask reference set for target users in the datasource microflow, but that didn't gave the expected outcome as well. Anyone already successfully used this user assignment to workflow tasks? And how did you succeed?  PS: I am using the 9.1.1 version, but this version is not selectable entering a question.      
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I have used it in the past, I don’t think you have to link it to the workflowusertask yourself. Are you sure that data is in the list that you return and that the user is authorised to see these users?


I have used below microflow to generate the list..

I have checked in the local postgress database that the users are added to the workflowusertask (table system$workflowusertask_targetusers)

What have you used to display the target users?