Delete a List which was the result of a Filter operation deletes the Parent List

Hello, somehow my Forum search doesn’t seem to work properly, so I hope this hasn’t been asked before.  In a microflow I am retriveing a List of User Roles from the $currentUser.  The resulting list of UserRole I filter to check if the specific user role is attached ($NewUserRoleList != empty). If so my Microflow returns a a value and ends. Now my understanding was that the “Filter”-List Operation  creates a new variable, which has fulfilled its purpose after the decision. That is why I deleted that variable. However, after that delete action the whole UserRole seems to be deleted also from the initial “UserRoleList”-variable of the current user. (The List “UserRolList” is still available, but  Does the filter list operation only create a reference to the initial list?  Or any other ideas why this happeny?  
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Yes, it would delete it.

Not sure if it is the correct analogy but it works in a similar way as the data grid filter. In a datagrid you see a list of records, when you apply filter on the datagrid it simply shows you the records which satisfy the filter condition, and when you delete anything from the filtered records you are actually deleting from the original list.

I am sure there is a better explaination to this, but hope you understand this analogy for the time being.