How to assign user task for route back (Jump) with 2 condition ?

Hi all, I would like to jump the workflow to the first user task that have 2 conditions Role SaleOfficer FinalResult = Routeback   I set xpath constrain to [System.UserRoles='[%UserRole_SaleOfficer%]'and $workflowData/FinalResult='ROUTE_BACK'] then I run workflow and got error message    2564-05-28 20:16:36.995Workflow EngineWorkflow '' (ID: '4222124650660741' [CreditApproval_WF.CreditApprovalWorkflow]) could not determine target users for the constraint specified in 'UserTask: 'Route back'' How can I work it with condition ?  
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I can  solve problem with workaound solution as picture below