DataGrid when using XPath as Data Source

I have a DataGRid that I am using an Xpath as the data source. When use the Create Action it will create the entity, however it does not fill in any of the associations from the parent entity. If I use Associations as my data source the Create will add the association. I am using the Xpath, because I need to sort the data. I tried using a microflow to solve the problem, however when I add an microflow action, it does not work as it wants something selected. Is there a way to use an xpath and call a form with the parent associations filled out? So far it looks like it can’t be done.  
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Using a microflow is the way to go. Have you added the entity from the datagrid as a parameter to the microflow? This is probably causing your issue as this forces the users to select an item. You’ll have to remove that parameter.


Hi Martin,

if I understood your problem correctly, and you have a model like this:


then changing the path of the grid should do the trick. So don’t select Entity_2 alone but over the association of Entity.


my app is showing this on the new edit page of Entity_2


Hope that helps!