Workflows - Modification of workflow without impacting existing workflow instances

We were new to Mendix workflows, our scenario is as below. We were having a workflow created already and we were having a few requests created already in the system. We were having 4 levels for approval and a few requests were in level 4 already. With a customer requirement, we added a new activity between level 3 and level 4, let's call it level 3.1 and after introducing this level all the requests which were in level 4 became incompatible. By reading the documentation, I understood that "An activity is introduced in the path that is already being executed" will create a conflict and make the executed workflows incompatible. Because of changes in the organization, there might be having changes in the existing workflow, This could be the addition/removal of approval levels or adding parallel paths. Our expectation is that any changes in the workflow should not be impacting any of the workflows In Progress. Only new workflow initiations should go through the new flow. How this can be achieved using Mendix workflows? Is it like, we need to create a copy of the existing workflow and make changes in it and assign it for the new requests that are going to be created and leave the existing workflow as it is?
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