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Hello Mendix Community, Maybe you have an idea how I could solve the following problem: I have an datagrid with a lot of columns and information, so much that the table would not fit on a screen effectively. My apporach now is that the user has a standard view of the data grid with specific columns. In additon, the user has the option to build his own view in a way that he can add and remove columns to his views My problem now is the implementation. I thought I could assign every column a conditional visibility but I looked up this in the forum and it seemed that it is not possible. If It were possible, It would be an easy going implementation. Now I do not have an good apporach for this problem and would like to ask how you would approach this problem? Also It should have the function to filter and search in this table.   Best regards and thank you in advance Sai  
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Have a look at DataGrid 2, in DataWidgets Marketplace module. You need Mendix 9.6.x or higher and Atlas 3 though.


Hi Weng,


I would recommend Datagrid 2 if it is above 9.6 or if you want the datagrid then you could show all the fields required using scroll container – Just place datagrid inside the scroll container widget and give width accordingly. 

You could also try another customized option by using dynamic classes for datagrid to show/hide but it requires adding more fields in entities to change true/false and then change the dynamic class using that boolean value


Please note Mendix 9.6 is an MTS release so it receives patches.


If migrating to Mendix 9.6 is no option, my DataTables widget might help you out. At least until you are ready to migrate to Mendix 9, at that point it is best to replace DataTabels with Datagrid 2.



It allows the user to choose columns and persist that to local storage in the browser.

You can also configure it to use a horizontal scrollbar.

Please note the Datatables widget is provided as-is. As Datagrid 2 is now officially supported, I don't upgrade the DataTables widget anymore to newer releases of the library used in the widget.


Thank you for your comments.

I heard about the new functions with data grid 2. The problem is that I am working in a company, where it is recommended to stick with the 8. version.