Workflow Commons v2.0.0-Mendix 9.10

Hi all, As you know Mendix 9.10 released with changes at WF commons module. In Release notes:         1.Workflows are no longer in Beta in Studio Pro, which means the workflow functionality is now supported and can be deployed to production environments. So, this means WF is no more Beta and now GA?        2. -Tasks do not require the WorkflowUserTask entity specialization anymore compared to 9.6-9.9         -Workflows do not require the Workflow entity specialization anymore compared to 9.6-9.9 So I could not totally understand new situation. As I understood we do not need WF or task entities in our custom module anymore. WF and WF task entities in System module are enough. So if I add task/tasks to editor, Editor creates object/entity in System module? I do not need to manage myself?  So, How can reach/retrieve a Workflow instance and Workflowuser task instances  from WF Context entity in a MF and XPATH etc?  At current version how I can migrate data from previous one to new one at a running App?
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I have the same quesion. Please update the doc or let us know the migration path. If we just remove the specialization it wont work anymore. But then how do we get the WF context?